The Piano: Where Art, Music and Alcohol Collide

by Lindsay Shapka in ,

Tomorrow, the Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton is opening a fascinating new exhibit titled The Piano that will feature the contemporary works of 13 different artists all involving — you guessed it — a piano.

Dubbed by the gallery as their "loudest exhibition ever", the works are a powerful sensory experience as videos light up dark rooms, scores play on top of scores, and pianos are deconstructed or sit illuminated in the middle of empty rooms.  

Artist Dean Baldwin with his exhibit Bar Piano

One of the highlights of the media preview that I attended today was Dean Baldwin's (an artist from Montreal, Quebec, Canada) work Bar Piano. This quirky piece, created from an actual baby grand piano, is a fully functioning bar! It comes complete with live plants and a beautiful live canary named Crosby (as if it needed the extra quirk!). 

I officially want one in my house by the way.

The coolest part? Visitors to the gallery on Wednesday nights (until August 14, 2013) will receive a free cocktail (no, you did not read that wrong, I said FREE!) served from this delightful bar. 

Art, music and alcohol... what more could you want!?

I was lucky to sample a delightful cocktail from the bar, (I LOVE media previews!) served by the artist himself this afternoon. A concoction of prosecco (you know how much I love this bubbly liquid), angostura bitters and a sugar cube, it is well worth trying! 

If you are in the area, check it out and let me know what you think! Cheers!