What Late-19th Century Parisian Art Scene Type Are You?

by Lindsay Shapka in ,

CLICK HERE to take the quiz! 

CLICK HERE to take the quiz! 

The Art Gallery of Alberta has created one of the smartest buzzfeed quizzes that I have taken (not that I take a lot of them...) in a LONG time. Based on their current exhibition Toulouse-Lautrec and La Vie Moderne: Paris 1880-1910 — an incredible collection of paintings, posters, and illustrated programs for circuses, cabarets, and cafe-concerts — it helps you discover where you would fit in the avant-garde art scene of 19th century Paris! 

I took the quiz today and got Muse: 

"A beacon of inspiration for creatives — a role as old as human civilization. Toulouse-Lautrec's scene looked to everyday life for muses and represented them in more natural environments than ever before, rather than putting them in Classical drag or on literal or virtual pedestals. You're a muse because 19th Century artists sought out your potential to connect with and enchant someone who's willing to see beauty and dignity in you, no matter your original station in life; you are the sublime in the mundane. We can transcend ourselves through the gaze of others. Later on, this will happen in film, in fashion, and in other scenes, in factories the world over. Examples: Dancer Jane Avril, Comtesse Greffulhe, Louise Claire Chardon."

Take the quiz here, and let me know what you get!