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The cover of the first issue of OPALUS Magazine (Photographer: Kenneth Kwok; Creative Director/Set Designer: Malorie Shmyr; Lighting Designer: Kris Wedgwood; Makeup Artist: Krystle Ash; Hair Stylist: Emily Strocher; On-Set Hair Assistant: Geri Roberts; Model: Amanda Rose)

The incredibly inspiring and talented Malorie Shmyr has done it again!

On April 1, 2014, Malorie launched the inaugural issue of OPALUS Magazine — a breathtaking publication full of stunning, surreal photographs that look like they were pulled straight out of someone's imagination. Which, as it seems, is the point. According to Malorie, she felt a pull to create both the print and online magazine as a way to "show others what my imagination looks like... [and allow other] people to share what their imaginations look like." 

Opal is derived from the Latin word opalus, which is how the name came to be. It was dreamt up as an outlet to inspire every form of creativity and fiery passion for art under the sun. OPALUS magazine is for the dreamers, the artists, the make believers and the creators. If you were to roam the earth, gathering bits of every magical entity in the world and mold it together, you would come to discover OPALUS magazine. Inked into the pages of OPALUS magazine is a cup of inspiration, a shred of magic and a dash of imagination. The stardust pressed pages are concocted to fulfill your artistic cravings, dismiss your writers block, steady your drawing hand and light a spark in your heart that will feed your imagination.
— excerpt from OPALUS 101 by Mackenzie Cortes

This truly unique publication in created from her home city of Edmonton, Alberta, but Malorie is accepting photography, fine art, and fashion film submissions from all over the world that will be showcased both on the website and in print. 

The print piece is a quarterly publication that you can order through the website and is shipped right to your door. I just received mine, and I can attest to it being more like a treasured coffee table book then a disposable magazine.

I can't wait for the next one! 

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