What Is A Zine?

by Lindsay Shapka in , ,

For the final project in my non-fiction writing class in university we had to create a zine. I found the process of taking a subject I was passionate about and pairing it down to meaningful, concise thoughts incredibly difficult, but also a really cool process. I also found it surprising how many people don't actually know what a zine is. 

A zine is a small, self-published work of text, images and/or art that is reproduced either by hand, by photocopier, or online (though print is still the most popular form). They usually make no profit and deal with topics that are too niche, personal or controversial for mainstream media. The design is usually rough, unique and unpolished, further supporting the unconventional topics they cover. Anyone can create a zine, and there are usually no more than 100 of them distributed. 

Ultimately, zines can be made of anything, be about anything, and be distributed just about anywhere. As long as the are communicating an idea, and someone out there is reading them, then they are doing what they were meant to.