Book List: A Thousand Sisters

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Author Lisa J. Shannon has written an inspiring and honest account of her journey from a life of success and security, to one of service and activism.

This journey began in 2005 when an episode of Oprah opened her eyes to the situation in the Congo, where women are raped, tortured and murdered on a daily basis. Needing to do something, she decided to raise money to sponsor a Congolese women by doing a solo 30 mile run. The run inspired her, and not long after she left her job to found an organization called the Run for Congo Women

(This) powerful story is an inspiration to all of those who think their voice is too small to change lives
— Lisa Ling, Journalist

This memoir documents Shannon’s physical and emotional journey to the Congo where she meets with the women that her run has sponsored. Hearing their incredible stories of determined survival forces her to confront herself and to learn some tough lessons about fear, gratitude and the immense power of love.