Book List: The Wayfinders

by Lindsay Shapka in

We are constantly bombarded with information about global warming and the accelerating rates of extinction of earth’s plants and animals. But why is there never any talk about the human cultures that are going extinct at an even more shocking rate?

According to anthropologists, 50 percent of the 7,000 languages spoken around the world today will completely disappear within our lifetimes!

When you lose a language… you lose a culture, intellectual wealth, a work of art. It is like dropping a bomb on the Louvre
— from page 5 of The Wayfinders

Language is only the tip if the iceberg however: what of the stories, knowledge, songs and ways of seeing the world encoded in those voices? 

Wade Davis, one of National Geographic’s Explorers-in-Residence, takes readers of The Wayfinders on a fascinating and gripping journey through a handful of indiginous cultures, making it clear that the very survival of humankind would be threatened without their unique worldview.