Book List: The Sartorialist

by Lindsay Shapka in , , , ,

Based solely on fashion, this may seem like an odd choice for my book list, but Scott Schuman’s book The Sartorialist, containing photos from his blog of the same name, is much more than your average fashion tome.

It is a collection of great photos of ‘street-style’ – everyday outfits, created and worn by ‘normal’ people. 

Working as a fashion photographer takes Schuman all over the world, so for all the travellers out there wondering what to pack in order to fit in to the style of Paris, Hong Kong, or New York, this should be your style-bible. 

I am a strong believer that what you wear communicates your personality, and this book not only shows the unique individuals the Schuman encounters butcommunicates culture, values and the quirkiness that can be found in individuals all over the world. 

Even more exciting about this book is the fact that, in a VERY female slanted industry, Schuman has included as many (if not more) images of men’s fashion as he has of women’s! 

The best part – his newest book, The Sartorialist: Closer, was released this week which means that this original copy is likely to be on sale, and you can pick up the newest version along with it to get double the inspiration!