Book List: Black Berry, Sweet Juice

by Lindsay Shapka in , ,


As travel amongst young adults becomes more popular and accessible, border crossing relationships are becoming the norm. It is not strange to see a Brazilian with an African, or a Korean with a Canadian. 

The product of these relationships are children who are a combination of two VERY different worlds, and that—as award-winning author Lawrence Hill (The Book of Negros)  so aptly points out in this book—is where the identity crisis begins.  

Hill begins the book with his own family stories about how his white mother and black father met, and what it was like for him to grow up in an almost entirely white suburb of Toronto, Canada. His struggle with which part of his heritage to identify with, and how outsiders boxed him into EITHER black or white led him to search out other Canadians with similar parentage. 

The result is this eye-opening, sensitive and courageous book that—I guarantee—will challenge the way that you view ethnicity and ethnic identity.

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