Last, Last, Last Minute Gift Idea

by Lindsay Shapka in

The stores are closing (or closed). You forgot to mail your gift to your favourite aunt. You pre-ordered everything online and NOTHING has arrived. What do you do?

Check out this awesome website!

Called Wantful, this site allows you to pick out a selection of twelve fantastic gifts from a predetermined price range, and then custom print a personalized book for the recipient. The book is then mailed out (or if you need it for tomorrow you can access it online) and the giftee gets to pick which gift they want. Once they have chosen, the gift gets shipped directly to their door! 

If (like me) you have some very picky people OR people who don't live anywhere near you that you want to send gifts too, this is ideal. Not only that, the site features some FANTASTIC products at a wide range of prices.

Picture 3.png

Unfortunately they do not ship outside of the United States, but that doesn't mean you can't adapt this idea for yourself!

Head to or your giftee's favourite online store and print out a selection of gift images that are in your price range. Glue the images on blank pages, throw on a front and back cover (hint: rip a graphic image out of a magazine, cut it to size and then glue a message on the front written on white paper), and voila! Let the giftee know that whatever they choose will arrive by mail a few weeks after Christmas — giving them something special to look forward to in the dark, cold days ahead — and you, my friend, are covered!