Book List: Unbearable Lightness

by Lindsay Shapka in ,

I didn’t decide to become anorexic. It snuck up on me disguised as a healthy diet, a professional attitude. Being as thin as possible was a way to make the job of being an actrss easier...
— Portia De Rossi

In light of Israel's decision to ban too-skinny models, I thought that this outstanding, personal memoir by Portia de Rossi was the perfect fit for this week's Book List.

Beautifully written, Unbearable Lightness is for all those — both male and female — who have ever had a negative thought about themselves or their bodies. De Rossi gives a breathtakingly vulnerable, brutal, and genuine portrait of how she lost control of her life — both professionally and privately — and how she became consumed with achieving perfection and acceptance (through anorexia) in order to gain this control back. 

I was completely captivated by her stark honesty — that made me check my own inner monologue and promise to never refer to myself as 'fat' EVER again — as she accounted her innermost thoughts, her experiences on shows like Ally McBeal, and her now healthy life with Ellen Degeneres. 

Give it a read and let me know what you think!