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I had the pleasure of attending the launch of a beautiful new cookbook at Duchess Bakery last week. Written by Giselle Courteau (co-owner) and her incredible team, the book is filled with beautiful photos, recipes and stories about the bakery and the people that work there. Over 85 recipes break down the steps and ingredients to create French delicacies, and ALL of them were tested by normal people in real kitchens. 

Detailed, step-by-step instructions make even the most complicated recipes doable! 

Started by Courteau and her business partner Garner Beggs, Duchess was conceptualized while the pair were teaching English together in Japan. An odd place to get inspired by French pastries, you may think, but according to Courteau, the Japanese were obsessed with French food, and so there were bakeries everywhere. She spent three years perfecting her macaron recipe — she would buy macarons from the Japanese/French bakeshops, bring them home, analyze the flavours, and then try to recreate them. Oh, and she did all this with only a toaster oven! The macaron is still the signature pastry at the shop and the recipe used is the one that Courteau created while in Japan. According to her other business partner and pastry chef Jake Pelletier, though he continues to try, he has never found a recipe better than the one she came up with. 

This gorgeous cookbook not only unlocks the secrets of French baking for you, but supports these young entrepreneurs (and fellow travellers!) who have found a way to translate what they love into what they do! Find the cookbook here.

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