Renting, Sex Ed For Boys & Discovering Another Earth: Check Out These Incredible Longreads

by Lindsay Shapka in ,


I have been trying my best to leave my TV turned off after work, and read instead of zoning out on the couch. If you are interested in doing the same, here are some intriguing, well-written pieces to get you started.

  • The Renter's Guide To Successful Investing from The Globe and Mail gives a unique perspective on how renting can actually be a better investment then buying a house.
  • The Talk: A New Sex Ed For Boys from The Walrus Magazine gives an inside look at how sex education is approached for boys at public schools, and a really innovative program that a few of them are introducing.
  • Signs of Life from Smithsonian Magazine profiles planetary scientist Sara Seager who, on her 40th birthday, gathered some of the world's top scientist and declared that she is going to find another Earth before she dies.

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