Book List: Grace

by Lindsay Shapka in , ,

After the controversial documentary The September Issue, featuring Vogue staffers, well-know Editor Anna Wintour and Creative Director Grace Coddington was released, Grace found herself suddenly becoming a (reluctant) celebrity. Outside the world of fashion, there weren't many people who knew anything about this outspoken, talented British red head, but her wit, and banter with Wintour made those of us watching the documentary want to know more. 


In response, Coddington wrote the fascinating memoir, Grace, that details her life from a child in England, to becoming an unconventional model in London, to her work at various publications, and to her position now at Vogue

She has been a part of the private circles of more famous designers, celebrities, artists, photographers, writers, and models than I ever thought possible for one person, and her honest (sometimes scathing) accounts of the people she has encountered in her life is truly fascinating. 

As someone who loves to travel (obviously) I found her accounts of the places she travelled to before it was trendy or safe to do so (Bangkok, Russia, China) like looking into a postcard from the past. 

What makes this book truly special though, are the incredible photos scattered throughout of Grace, her family, friends, and the people that she writes about — the photos of her as a model are breathtaking. On top of the photos are pen-and-ink illustrations drawn by the author that add the perfect touch of personal whimsy.

Smart, funny, well written and just plain beautiful to look through, this is the perfect addition to your summer book list!