Book List: You Are Here

by Lindsay Shapka in , ,


Despite the fact that I love adventure, the thought of leaving Earth — outer space — has always scared the crap out of me. It makes me feel small, insignificant, alone... that is until I read the intro to Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield's book You Are Here: Around The World In 92 Minutes.

While living and working in the International Space Station, Hadfield took thousands of photos of the earth from many different perspectives. He didn't just snap and shoot either, he made it his goal to capture different landmarks, weather patterns, natural phenomena, cities, water currents, and more. It was this quote that opened my mind a little: 

Being able to perceive the narrative line behind our planet’s shapes and colors is a bit like having a sixth sense. It provides a new perspective; we are small, so much smaller than we may have thought. To me, that’s not a frightening idea. It’s a helpful corrective to the frantic self-importance we are prone to as a species — and also a reminder to make the most of our moment on this beautiful, strange, durable yet fragile planet.

Well I'm still not convinced that going into space will ever be something that I long to do, there is no denying that this book is full of gorgeous photos that will have you looking at our world in a totally different way!