Book List: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

by Lindsay Shapka in

Nine Sherlock Holmes books were published between 1887 and 1927 which makes this week’s book list choice definitely an ‘oldie but goodie’.

Made up of the first 12 short mysteries written about the infamous detective, this book is a nice foray into the world of fiction for those that are staunch non-fiction readers due to Arthur Conan Doyle’s use of science, logic and smart dialogue in his writing. 

Set against the foggy, mysterious backdrops of London and the English countryside, these stories are lighthearted enough to read on the beach, yet engrossing enough to keep you occupied while sitting in a busy coffee shop. 

According to the book’s introduction, Arthur Conan Doyle originally invented and wrote the character of Sherlock Holmes to fill his time when business was slow; it is only fitting then that you would use the adventures of this great detective to fill yours!