Book List: Archaeology

by Lindsay Shapka in , , , noun: the study of ancient history or prehistoric peoples and their cultures by analysis of artifacts, inscriptions, monuments, and other such remains – especially those that have been excavated.

The world is starting to feel smaller and smaller. Not long ago, you needed to actually fly to Rome to see the Colosseum. now you can use Google Earth and see it in real time from the comfort of your living room.

The shrinking globe sometimes leaves me longing for the days of Indiana Jones. Days where there was a plethora of things to discover, or a new adventure around the corner. 

Want some reassurance that there is still a whole lot of world out there that hasn’t been seen? Do what I do – pick up the latest copy of Archaeology Magazine

Trust me, this is not dry “textbook-like” material, but stories written by historians, travel journalists, archaeologists, and anthropologists who have discovered something new about a living or past culture. These discoveries are constantly occurring around the world, some even changing the way that we look at our history! 

Mayan ruins, royal tombs, secret passageways, mysterious graves, outlaws, intrigue, secrets, and proof that we still have A LOT to discover.

Get inspired again! Check it out!