Has the Famous Treasure Island Been Found?!

by Lindsay Shapka in ,

Professional Adventurer Shaun Whitehead — if you recognize the name, he recently explored uncharted passages in Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza — believes that he has discovered the location of the famous Treasure of Limathe most sought after buried treasure in the history of the world. 

Said to be worth upwards of $250 million, the hoard was stolen by British trader (and part-time pirate) Captain William Thompson in 1820 after a murderous double-cross. He had been entrusted to transport the haul that contained 13 gold religious statues, one life-size Virgin Mary, 200 chests of jewels, 273 swords with jewelled hilts, 1,000 diamonds, solid gold crowns, 150 chalices, and hundreds of gold and silver bars (whew!) from Peru to Mexico. 

Clearly all of that treasure was WAY too tempting for Thompson and he is said to have stashed his plunder on a Pacific Island from where it has never been recovered. Not for lack of trying however, amongst many others, Errol Flynn (an Australian born American actor) and Franklin D. Roosevelt (former president of the United States) both tried to find the treasure in their lifetimes and failed. 

Credited by many as the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure IslandWhitehead and his team will be heading to Cocos Island, a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site located approximately 350 miles off the coast of Costa Rica. It took the explorer 18 months of negotiations to gain permission for the expedition and it is the first mission permitted in over 25 years. 

Professional Adventurer Shaun Whitehead believes that he has discovered the location of the famous Treasure of Lima

What makes Whitehead so confident that he knows where the treasure is and will be able to recover it, you ask? 

According to news sources, he is heading to Cocos with a wealth of modern technology like an unmanned helicopter that will generate a 3D map of the island and a robot that is equipped with ground penetrating radar. 

Whitehead believes that, “if it is there, it will be in a natural cave which was hidden by one of the many landslides that occur on the island”.

If he does manage to pull it off and discover the lost treasure, it will be one of the most important and exciting discoveries that has occurred in the worlds of archeology, history, and world exploration in a long time. 

Kinda makes you want to pull out a shovel and become one with your inner explorer doesn’t it!