In The News: Archaeologists Discover Lost City In Cambodian Jungle!

by Lindsay Shapka in ,

According to the The Age (an Australian newspaper) a team of Australian archaeologists have discovered an ancient city in Cambodia that has been hidden for more than a millennium!

Hidden by the dense jungle, in an area littered with landmines left behind by the Khmer Rouge, this 1200-year-old city (called Mahendraparvata — say that ten times fast) predates the Angkor Wat temple complex by 350 years! Angkor was thought to be the beginning, the capital and the heart of the Khmer empire, but this new discovery may prove otherwise. 

The entrance gate leading in to the heart of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia

According to the article, the discovery was made using a "remote-sensing technology" called LIDAR that showed the scientists the outline of the ancient city.   

The coolest part?  

It seems that for some reason, the area has never been looted. It was deserted, overgrown with jungle, forgotten, and not rediscovered until now! 

Even more exciting is the fact that they STILL don't know how big the city actually was, and there is still much more area to cover and more history to uncover!  

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