In The News: An Egyptian Curse In Manchester

by Lindsay Shapka in ,

On Saturday, June 22 the Manchester Museum announced that a 10-inch ancient Egyptian statue — dating back to 1,800 BC — spooked staffers after it was caught on tape "inexplicably rotating in its display cabinet." WHAT?!

You may be thinking what I originally thought when i heard this story... HOAX... 

But, the security video that was captured clearly shows the figure rotating in a locked cabinet without — here's the kicker — being touched...  

The story, originally reported by  The Manchester Evening News quickly gained traction and international TV crews (and a WHOLE lot of visitors) have descended on the museum to see the statue for themselves. 

The museum has also been  "inundated with calls from paranormal investigators" and others that believe that figure has a curse that was bestowed on its original owner (the statue was found in a mummy's tomb). 

A more likely scenario being thrown around is that the statue moved due to vibrations caused by people walking by the cabinet. Though a lot easier to believe than a 'curse' this scenario does not account for the fact that this has never happened before (the museum has had the statue for a few years), nor does it explain why the statue turned in a perfect circle.

The curator has invited anyone with a real theory to the museum to help solve this intriguing mystery! Do you have a theory?