In The News: King Tut's Beard Is Back!

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In January of 2015, I wrote a post in response to news stories that were reporting on how the beard on King Tut's burial mask was damaged beyond repair. In an effort to keep the mask on display and tourism numbers up in Egypt, the beard was repaired hastily with a product that was thought to have ruined the ancient artifact. 

Well, (happily) it looks like the experts were wrong!

According to the latest news, a 9-week restoration process of the mask was undertaken on the mask to great success! Working slowly, a team removed the incorrectly applied glue using wooden tools to carefully scrape it off after rising the temperature of the mask. This took four weeks. They then reattached the beard using beeswax as an adhesive.

In addition to reattaching the beard, there was also a comprehensive 3D scan done of the mask, which had never been completed before. It showed that the beard had, in fact, been detached once in 1946! 

The information gathered from the scans, and the details of the restoration will be published in a upcoming book.

The mask is now back on display in Cairo.