Submerged Sculpture

by Lindsay Shapka in , , ,

Imagine donning SCUBA gear and swimming through clear, blue, silent water. Tropical fish surrounding you, and white sand below you. All of a sudden a massive statue of a man, covered in shells and softly swaying sea plants emerges from the depths — now that's a sight to remember!

On August 22, 1954, a 2.5 metre tall statue of Christ was placed 17 metres below the Mediterranean Sea off San Fruttuoso on the Italian Riviera. Called Christ of the Abyss, it was created by artist Guido Galletti and sits near the spot where Dario Gonzatti, the first Italian to use SCUBA gear, died in 1947. 

There are various other casts of this original statue located throughout the world. One sits off the coast of St. George's, Grenada and was a gift from the navy of Genoa to thank them for their assistance in rescuing the crew of a destroyed Italian ship. Another was given to the Underwater Society of America in 1962 and now sits at a depth of around 25 feet off the coast of Key Largo, Florida.

If SCUBA diving isn't your thing, the original clay statue can be viewed at the National Museum of Underwater Activities in Ravenna, Italy. But, a sight like this would be worth donning flippers for!