Book List: Everything You Wanted To Know About Atlantis

by Lindsay Shapka in , ,

Is Atlantis located off the coast of Morocco? Author Mark Adams thinks so. But, it could also be in Greece... or in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

The location of Atlantis has intrigued scholars for hundreds of years, and despite all of the research, no one seems to agree on it's location. (Or, if it even ever existed for that matter). 

Earlier this week, I came across this National Geographic interview with author Mark Adams and found his logical process of discovery fascinating. He has travelled all over the world, talking to different experts on the subject, in the hopes of figuring out where the lost city could have really been. 

"One of the things I’ve found with people reading this book is that different people find themselves sympathizing with different theories. I have four main theories, and I talk[ed] to the people behind the theories and visit[ed] the locations." —Mark Adams (source)

He also mentions an amazing online database of research and information on the subject called Atlantipedia. According to the website:

"Atlantipedia is aimed at providing the most comprehensive source of information regarding the development of Atlantis theories, particularly since Ignatius Donnelly produced his seminal work on the subject towards the end of the nineteenth century. The content is intended to assist researchers, journalists and anyone with an enquiring mind.(source)

Adams' book is called Meet Me In Atlantis and is now top on my must-read pile of books!