In The News: Ancient Boats and Historic Chalkboard Art Discovered!

by Lindsay Shapka in , ,

One of the reasons I love reading about history and archaeology is that there is always a new discovery being made, proving that there is still so much to find and learn about the world and the cultures that live in it. Though, thanks to technology, we are able to travel and connect with ease, there is still a lot that we don't know! Here are two stories that caught my eye over the last few weeks:

Earlier this month, construction workers removing old chalkboards from Emerson High School in Oklahoma city discovered writing, drawings and lesson plans from 1917 that had been preserved on another set of chalkboards!

There are examples of beautiful penmanship, rules on "how to be a pilgrim", and drawings of people in traditional clothing.

The school is working on ways to preserve these delicate drawings. Read the full article here

Construction workers digging the foundations for high-end apartments in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia uncovered the remains of at least two ships that are thought to be from the 14th-17th centuries! 

Why should you care?
There is no record of the techniques used by ancient shipbuilders, and because no one was sharing information at that time, different techniques were used by different societies all over the world. This is an important glimpse into what people knew and how they created these vessels that were integral to the spread of goods and information. 

Read the full story here.