Looking Into The Caldera on Mt. Etna

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Located on the east coast of Sicily, Mt Etna is one of THE MOST ACTIVE VOLCANOS IN THE WORLD (!!), and is two times the size of the infamous Mt Vesuvius. 

Deciding to risk it for the sake of adventure (did I mention that I’m crazy), my friends and I left the safety of our hotel room in Catania early one morning and, after a sleepy bus ride, found ourselves at the base of this iconic force-of-nature. 

The barren landscape was broken only by a few small cabins selling snacks and kitschy souvenirs. I picked up a book about Etna to flip through and learned that the city we were sleeping in was once covered in lava during an eruption that lasted for 122 days… great.

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Early Morning in Cinque Terre

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Historic Propaganda Posters at the Tate Modern, London

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The Breathtaking Halong Bay, Vietnam

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Considered to be one of the Natural Wonders of the World, Halong Bay consists of thousands of islands that rise out of the water in the Gulf of Tonkin on the east coast of Vietnam. The name of the bay — Halong — literally means ‘where the dragon descends into the sea’, which comes from a local legend that explains how the awe-inspiring islands were created.

Exploring A Castle Made of Ice and Snow

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Wandering through an acre-sized ice castle is no longer only possible in a Disney movie — think Elsa’s icy escape in Frozen. The Utah-based company, Ice Castles, started creating these incredible structures in 2009 and has has brought the incredible frozen wonderland back to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for a second year! (click to read more about how the castle is made)  

The Bahia Palace in Marrakesh, Morocco

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Chaos Through The Window

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Looking out through one of the windows at the New York Public Library