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Hi! I'm Lindsay, an avid traveler and the creator of The Anthrotorian — a website dedicated to sharing travel tips, stories about adventures, culture quirks, artists you should know, fascinating bits of history, and more!

What's an "Anthrotorian" you ask? 

The word Anthrotorian is a combination of the words "anthropology" and "historian" — yes, this is a word that I made up. Basically, an Anthrotorian is me — or someone like me (you perhaps!?) — who loves adventure and learning about different countries, cultures, people, and history!

I have traveled to 28 countries, 4 continents, and lived in Italy, South Korea, and now Canada.

A Little Bit About Me

I was traveling long before I graduated from the University of Alberta with a BA in English, History and Art History (I was lucky to spend a semester abroad in Italy) but post-university was when the long-term trips and solo travel really got started.

After graduating, I moved to South Korea where I taught English in a small town called Ansan, just a short subway ride from the center of Seoul. This was a great way to earn some money while still traveling, as I spent my weekends and holidays exploring South Korea and other countries in Asia. 

Now based in Canada, my regular adventures have taken me from the dusty soccer fields of central Honduras to the ancient baths of Budapest, and from the mysterious Angkor temples of Cambodia to the historic stone streets of Florence. Though I am never sure where my next adventure will take me, what I do know is that I will NEVER stop traveling and learning as much as I can about the world! 

The Anthrotorian Lindsay Shapka Travel Blog

I love people watching, drinking really good espresso, spending hours at the beach, hiking through the jungle, exploring ancient ruins (just like Indiana Jones! — my childhood hero), taking in breathtaking art in the world's most amazing art galleries, discovering quirky attractions, reading on trains, and feeling uncomfortable — because that's my favourite way to be completely immersed in a totally different culture! 

When I am not on an adventure, I am working as a freelance researcher, writer, editor, and contact marketing/marketing consultant, and as the Marketing Manager of Stormboard. I also create and sell original artwork — check out my art page here.

Before this, I was the Editor-In-Chief of Tanner Young Publishing Group and Editor of WHERE Edmonton Magazine and various other travel publications. I have had articles published in, Canadian Cowboy Country, National Geographic Traveler Magazine, Alberta Venture MagazineTravel Culture Magazine and ACUA VITAE Magazine. 

If you want more information, you can check out my complete list of publications, media and conference appearances, awards and more here. Or, you can check out my professional website at

— The photo at the top of this page, the one of me sitting on the hill at sunset, and the one on the right from New York were shot by my talented friend Carmen of Carmen Bradshaw Photography

Where Have I Been?

Number of Countries Visited: 28
Favourite Destinations: CambodiaParisHawaii
BerlinSantoriniFlorenceMorocco, Portugal
5 Destinations On My Travel List: Butan, Bali, Tulum, New Zealand

EUROPE: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, France, UK, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Vatican City, Portugal
NORTH AMERICA: Canada, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, United States, Cayman Islands
AFRICA: Morocco
ASIA: China, Cambodia, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong

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Lindsay Shapka The Anthrotorian Travel Blog

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Interested in sharing your adventure, travel tips, or unique perspective with my readers? Contact me with the topic you would like to write about and a little about you. I would love to work with you! (Reciprocal guest posting is preferred.)

Freelance Writing
Are you looking for someone to generate interesting, sharable content for your website? Do you need a well-researched, captivating article for your print publication? I have had articles published in National Geographic Traveler MagazineAlberta Venture Magazine, Travel Culture Magazine and ACUA VITAE Magazine. Contact me about article ideas, I'd love to collaborate with you! 

Brand Collaboration
I know that choosing a social influencer to collaborate with can be a difficult decision and I'm here to help!

In my role as Editor-In-Chief of a publishing and media company, I created successful print and online campaigns for a variety of clients. I also have extensive experience creating long-form articles for print, snappy, readable posts for blogs, and clickable tidbits for social media platforms that captures and engages a targeted audience.

I'm open to working with lifestyle/travel brands on:

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  • press trips

  • hotel/resort reviews

  • product reviews

  • giveaways/advertisements

  • freelance

Check out my professional website here. 

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