Crossing The Arno

by Lindsay Shapka in

Bridge Over The Arno            Florence, Italy

Ponte alle Grazie, the oldest and longest bridge in Florence crossing the Arno River, was the perfect place to sit in the sun while I waited for the Uffizi Gallery to open. 

There were only a few cars on the road and even fewer pedestrians, until an older gentleman came into view. I have no idea why he was pushing his bike and not riding it (especially because I’m pretty sure it is one of those ones that has some sort of electric gizmo in it so you barely have to pedal).

He  s l o w l y  made his way across the bridge — taking about 20 minutes to get from end to end — and I was so caught up with watching him and trying to get the perfect shot, that before I knew it, the clock struck 8 and it was time to leave the warmth of the sun and begin my day of touring.