5 Photo Apps Worth Investing In

by Lindsay Shapka in ,

When it comes to photography apps, there are A LOT of options out there. But, if you are anything like me, you don't have time to search through them all, OR don't want to spend money on something that you may not use (even if it's only a few dollars).

Well, you are in luck, because over the last few days I have invested time and money in reviewing a bunch of photography apps, and in this post I am going to share with you the ones that have come out on top! 


A "point and shoot" app, is an app that only allows filters to be added to images that you take while in the app, not images that already exist in your photo album. 


Instagram — So this, Polaroid-inspired app is the obvious and most popular choice. It has a built in social media component that has become unbelievably popular, but there has been recent controversy over the ownership settings. You can set your settings to private however, which allows only you to have access to your images. Prints can be ordered directly from the app. COST: Free! 

Hipstamatic  Like Instagram, this is also a point and shoot app, but has a bit of quirkiness to it. Your screen looks like a vintage camera, and you can choose your lenses, film and flashes for each shot. Instead of choosing the filter after the fact, the filters are created by the combo that you use while shooting. It even has the sounds of a vintage analog camera! You can share your photos on social media and order prints straight from the app as well. COST: $1.99



These apps are my personal favourite, because they don't require you to take a photo within them in order to use their effects. You can take a photo while in the app, with your regular Smart Phone camera or, even better, you can take photos with your high res Canon/Nikon/Sony etc and then use these apps to manipulate the high res versions into something extraordinary.


Vintage Scene — This app is incredible! There is an amazing array of filter options that give your photos a distressed, eerie, and authentic quality, much like early-photography reproduction. You can apply a filter to any photo and/or manually adjust the color, overlays and boarders until you have the image just the way you want it. Images can be saved at different resolutions, can be shared on social media, and can be printed on your personal printer. COST: $1.99

Phototoaster In this advanced app, you can adjust shots using pre-created filters in either basic, deluxe, or supreme modes — or you can manually adjust the lighting, effects, exposure, colours, border, and the appearance of paper used. An added bonus is the fact that thumbnails of the image, along the bottom of your screen, show what it looks like with each effect, so you can easily view a wide array of effects before you make your decision. This app allows sharing on social media (you can even post your images to Instagram), you can order prints, or you can order and send postcards of your image to anywhere in the world! COST: Free! 


Vintique — This app allows a surprising amount of control over your image. You can move, scale, rotate, flip, and refine the image before you even hit the filters. There are more than 30 filters with fun names like "mind map" and "pinky day." You can also manually adjust your images, add vignettes, texture, text, and funky vintage frames. Like Phototoaster, you can share these images on your social media accounts including Instagram. COST: $0.99