Making Art Out Of Art

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Awesome, 2011          Mathieu Lefevre

Artist Mathieu Lefevre was tragically killed in a bicycle accident in 2011, but his art still continues to move viewers and be displayed in various exhibits. In his own words (source), here is what he hoped to achieve with his work:

My work inscribes itself into a conceptual, aesthetic and sensationalist approach. I am interested in images, social myths, networks and systems that surround and structure us, often in an unconscious manner. I seek to reveal and satirise that which, in society, serves as “a worthy example”, as model or pattern of reference. Playfully and critically using forms of twisted logic, simplification and exaggeration I purposefully distort and misinterpret language, signs, symbols and meaning relating to the microcosm of the artistic milieu, seeking to simultaneously disillusion the viewer and create new illusions in its place.

My practice is multidisciplinary, encompassing more often than not the mediums of sculpture, painting, and photography. Often relying on humor and derision as heuristic tools, I work with irony and cynicism to test the fragility and the flexibility of these mediums, more specifically seeking to rearrange and disrupt the relationships between viewer, creator, commodity and context. My pieces raise questions as to what art can be, what it is worth and what is its role in a cultural and commercial framework.

This image was taken at the Art Gallery of Alberta while the piece was part of a massive exhibition showcasing artists living and working in Alberta, Canada. 

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