The Girl With A Flower In Her Hair

by Lindsay Shapka in

Chanel             Edmonton, Alberta

This photo is reminiscent of portraits that were painted during the Renaissance. Like the girl in this photo, the subjects of the paintings during that era were usually unknown to the viewer. They were often painted to look like biblical, classical or wealthy figures when they were in fact nothing of the sort. In the majority of famous portrait paintings, the models were prostitutes, members of the lowest classes (ie: maids), or personal friends of the artist. 

Looking at works like this, I often wonder what the model’s story is. Where did she came from, what did she do, and what was her relationship with the artist? The mystery behind these figures has caused many writers to create elaborate stories in order to create romantic, fictional backgrounds for them — Girl With A Pearl Earringbased on a painting of the same name, by Tracy Chevalier is an example. 

If you could give a story to the girl in the photo above, what would it be?