How to Eat Like a Local When Travelling

What you eat when you travel can often make or break your trip. If you make a wrong food choice, you risk missing out on the authentic version of a cultural delicacy, spending too much money, or (worst of all) becoming deathly ill. 

So, with all these risks in mind, how does one make the right choice when it comes to eating in a foreign land?

Your Guide to Bringing Buddha Home From Thailand

The streets of Thailand are full of antique Buddha heads and stunning original artwork. It spills out of storefronts, is lined up in marketplaces and can be found for the equivalent of pennies all over the country. 

Though this art is easy to find, what most travelers don’t know is that it is difficult to take out of the country. 

How Do You Afford To Travel So Much?

I find myself having the same conversation over and over when I am home. It usually begins with a comment about how I, or my parents, must have no retirement fund from supporting my adventures. Or, I am told that "it must be nice to have so much spare time on your hands so that you can travel whenever you want". 

Yup... no judgement there at all...

But, it's not really their fault. They just don't get it.

5 Ways To Not Look Like A Tourist

The most interesting part about travelling is learning about the cultural quirks and idiosyncrasies of the country that you are visiting. Locals appreciate when you make an effort to be a part of their culture, rather than just traipsing through it as an outsider, and doing so often leads you to have a more authentic experience. Here are a few tried and tested tips to help you blend with the locals and transform into a traveller rather than being simply a 'tourist'.

Your Guide To Travel Vaccinations

The Centers for Disease Control and the International Travel & Health Guide published by the World Health Organization are both fantastic resources to do some of your own research (which I heartily recommend).

The only vaccination required by international regulations is Yellow Fever, but you will only be asked for proof of this vaccine (or need to get it) if you have travelled in Africa or South America.

Of course, the types of vaccinations that you will receive are dependent on where you are traveling to, but here is a brief rundown of some of the basics.

The One Item Every Traveller Should Have in Their Bag

Whether you are going on a cruise, to a posh hotel, or living out of a backpack, there is one item that will come in handy no matter what situation you find yourself in. 

This must have, can’t live without, multi-use item is an inexpensive piece of fabric — a sarong.

Many of you might think that I’m crazy — sarongs are for girls to wrap around their waist at the beach right? 

How to Pack Your Carry-On Bag Like an Expert

Packing a carry-on for a trip involving air travel isn’t rocket science, but you would be surprised how many people forget to throw even the smallest (but often the most important) things into their bag. 

The first thing to remember is that your carry on CAN NOT be more than 10kg. Though you can often sneak through with a heavier bag (I do it all the time), there is always the risk of getting caught and having to pay to check your heavier items…not fun. 

5 Tips To Help You Become a Cash-Savvy Traveller

You can’t travel unless you have money to do so, and keeping your money safe (and easily available) is key to having a fabulous trip whether you are on a shoestring budget or have deeper pockets. 

Here are a few tips to help prevent any (non self-induced) cash-flow disasters.

How Do You Wash Your Clothes While Travelling? 

How you wash clothes when travelling depends on the type of trip you are taking and the access that you have to services. But, it is an important thing to take into consideration — nobody likes a smelly traveller! 



Travelling By Plane? Here's What Not To Do

Do yourself (and the other passengers) a favor and avoid doing the following on your next flight.

5 Cash-Saving Tips For The Budget Traveller

Whether you are a penny-pinching backpacker or a traveller with deeper pockets, everyone loves a great, cash saving tip. These five ideas will not only help you save money, but can also lead you to more genuine cultural experiences and — what every traveller loves to collect — some great stories.

Which Pack to Pack? Your Guide to Picking the Perfect Bag for Your Next Trip

Unless you want to end up with the wheels of your suitcase broken from rolling over uneven cobblestones, or a sweat stained t-shirt in the fancy lobby of your five-star hotel, you will have to put some thought into one of the most important decisions a traveller can make.

A Tip For All The Male Travellers Out There

So, I know that A LOT of you look forward to hitting the road/plane/bus/train with nothing but a pack on your back, and no one to slow you down on your ‘round the world adventures.

I am sure that many of you are hoping to meet cool people along the way, but have no interest in picking up a long-term travel buddy… ESPECIALLY not a female one.

7 Diseases You Can Get From Mosquitos (and how not to get them)

Yup, there are a lot of scary viruses that you can get from those tiny little bloodsucking bugs that can be found all over the world. But is that going to stop you from traveling? Probably not. So, instead of staying at home and never leaving your bed, the best thing to do is to learn what these diseases are and how to protect yourself from them.

Nervous Flyer? These Tips Are For You! 

For many travellers it is not the strange food, language barrier, or cultural differences that are the most daunting when embarking on a new adventure, it is the flight that it takes to get there. Having traveled with a few extremely nervous fliers (a friend of mine spent our 10 hour flight grabbing my arm every time the plane hit turbulence), I understand that this is a legitimate fear that sadly, prevents many from taking the trips that they long too.

If you are scared to fly (or know someone who is), there should be something on this list that can help you out!

How to Cross The Street in South East Asia

What’s scarier than a stampede of wild horses running towards you?

If you guessed trying to cross the street in Southeast (SE) Asia, you would be correct!

Welcome to the land where crosswalks don’t exist, street-lights and stop signs (if there are any) are just a suggestion, and painted lines deleanating lanes are simply interesting road art.

If you are determined to stick to your western world-view that ‘as a pedestrian you have the right of way’, be prepared to become a western-style pancake.