Live, travel, adventure, bless and don’t be sorry.
— Jack Kerouac

Travel & Adventure

Sheep View 360: The Faroe Islands' Four-Legged Version Of Google Street View

Google Street View has taken photos in almost every city, in every country in the world. It hasn't, however, made it to the Faroe Islands, until now (sort of).

Travel & Adventure

5 Things New Travellers Need To Know

I get a lot of questions from people who are setting out on their first international adventures, and I thought that I would share the most asked, and most helpful, of the bunch! 

Art & Artists

Boston's Sidewalks Are Covered In Secret Poems

A friend sent me this video posted by New York Magazine this week (thanks Carm!) and I had to share it. 

Art & Artists

"Show Me Something I Don't Know" — An Art Exhibit Featuring My Photography

When I saw that there was a call for submissions for travel photos at one of my local art galleries, I jumped at the chance to submit.

Art & Artists

Stolen Art: The Illegal Antiquities Trade Is Still Going Strong In 2016

National Geographic Magazine recently ran an article highlighting current tomb raiding and trade in stolen antiquities. I know what you're thinking. Tomb Raiding is nothing new — but the reasons for it are. 

Travel & Adventure

#ShareTheChair In One Of Canada's Beautiful National Parks

Canada has placed pairs of red adirondack chairs in more than 100 of the country's National Parks and Historic Sites to invite visitors to pause and enjoy the view. 

Travel & Adventure

Make Your Travel Dreams a Reality With Air Canada's New Group Gifting Site

The majority of my friend's who've gotten married recently have confided in me that they really didn't want gifts — they didn't want more 'things' to fill up their home. What they really wanted was an incredible honeymoon.

Travel & Adventure

The Best Podcasts To Listen To While Travelling In 2016

Do you have a long flight, six hour road trip, cross-country train adventure, or seemingly never-ending bus ride in your future? Never fear! I have found you a list of fantastic podcasts to keep you entertained. 

History & Discovery

Stunning Egyptian Art and Adornments at The MET

On my last trip to New York, I spent hours (and hours and hours) at The MET walking around in awe at all the incredible artifacts that seemed to appear at every turn. But the Egyptian wing blew me away.


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