Mini Houses Up Trees: Public Art That Reflects A City's Architecture

by Lindsay Shapka in ,

This isn't your typical slightly treacherous treehouse with a tire swing. No, the treehouses that have been installed in Edmonton, Alberta's Churchill Square (there are three total) are miniatures of actual houses that can be found in the city — high end materials, modern design and all! 

Created and installed by a group called The Threshold Collective (made up of University of Alberta students), this fun public art is meant to reflect "heritage architecture found in historic neighbourhoods... as well as newly built infills." (source)

According to the Edmonton Art's Council who funded the project, it "superimposes private and intimate suburban spaces upon the urban environment and shared public space" (aka there are really cool looking mini houses in trees in the middle of downtown that are perfect for Instagram-ing!).

Throughout the day, domestic sounds come from the small buildings and, at night, there are lights that emit from the windows. 

Overall, a pretty darn cool piece of public art! 

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