Shoulder season hiking in Jasper, Alberta

Shoulder Season Hiking: Valley of The Five Lakes in Jasper National Park

There are stunning hikes throughout Jasper National Park, and many are located near the town of Jasper itself. Because of the convenience of their location, however, these hikes are usually packed with day hikers during peak season, which makes your attempt to escape the crowds of the city, well, anything but an escape.

Affordable Abstract Art Prints For Your Collection

These abstract prints are part of my portfolio of work perfect to frame together or hang with pieces that you already have in your collection.

I have used muted, calming colors that off-set the chaos of some of the compositions, but one unifying thread through them all is the use of only one color plus white.

How to Quickly Get Back Into Your Routine After Traveling

Whether you have gone on a month-long trip to the other side of the world, spent a week at the beach, or had a three-day escape (for work or play), these tips will help you beat post-travel blahs and jump right back into your routine.

Keep reading for both pre-trip and post-trip to do lists!

12 Travel Quotes That Will Inspire You to Buy That Ticket

Sometimes, you just need a little inspiration to remind you that investing in travel (and yourself) is worth it! These 12 travel quotes are meant to inspire just that — so buy that ticket and get out there!

15 Line Drawings of Beautiful Women You Need in Your Life

There is something about the simplicity of line drawings that I find beautiful, and nothing is more beautiful than a line drawing of a woman — whether is is of her profile while she is deep in thought, the curves of her back after a bath, or her smile when she is looking right at you.

These portraits are of women I know or have met briefly while travelling — there is even a self-portrait in the mix.

5 Local Spots to Eat (+Drink) in Halifax

Canada’s east cost is chock full of history, natural wonders, great music, and amazing food — Halifax, the capital city of Nova Scotia, is no exception!

This vibrant city has a huge natural harbor, is home to several universities, has fantastic museums, lots of shops, and an incredible food scene that boasts unique, locally owned restaurants and cafes.

10 Quotes By Paulo Coelho To Inspire Your Next Adventure

These are only a few of my favorite quotes, from some of his most popular books, that are sure to inspire you to take a risk on that next adventure!

Did you know that vertigo is one of the primary symptoms of an inner ear infection? Find out more about the other symptoms and treatment options while traveling here.