15 Line Drawings of Beautiful Women You Need In Your Life

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There is something about the simplicity of line drawings that I find beautiful, and nothing is more beautiful than a line drawing of a woman — whether it is of her profile while she is deep in thought, the curves of her back after a bath, or her smile when she is looking right at you.

These portraits are of women I know or have met briefly while travelling — there is even a self-portrait in the mix. I’ve tried to capture a little of their personality in a few simple lines and a limited color palette so that you see a glimpse of who they are by the curves of their chin or the corner of their mouth.

I have always been inspired by black and white, line drawings, illustrations, and scenes that I’ve discovered while traveling — everything you need to create a beautiful gallery wall. If you are interested in seeing more of my work, check out my art store here. Have a question or a commission request? Contact me here.

From left to right: Katherine (Female With Flowers Portrait Series), Isabella (Female With Flowers Portrait Series, Diana (Female With Flowers Portrait Series), Julia (Female With Flowers Portrait Series

Female Body Study (From the Curves Series)

Left to right: Lounging After the Bath (From the Curves Series), Female Nude (From the Curves Series)

Left to right: Jane (Version 2), Jane (Version 6), Jane (Version 8), Jane (Version 7)

Olivia (Female With Flowers Portrait Series)

Left to right: Sophia V1 (Female With Flowers Portrait Series), Sophia V2 (Female With Flowers Portrait Series), Sophia V3 (Female With Flowers Portrait Series)

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15 Line Drawings of Beautiful Women You Need in Your Life