Reads For The Road: "Hot Art" by Joshua Knelman

by Lindsay Shapka in , , , ,

Joshua Knelman is an award-winning journalist and editor who has created a major work of investigative journalism in this fast-paced, fascinating book.

Hot Art traces Knelman’s immersion in the shadowy world of art theft where what he uncovers takes him all over the world, through a web of corruption, secrecy, and violence.

He delves into the lives of both professional thieves and the people that chase them, revealing that (though it may not make it to the front page of the newspaper) art theft is no fringe activity. It has evolved into one of the LARGEST black markets in the world, one that even Interpol and the FBI admit that they can not contain! 

What this book reveals is that when it comes to art theft, the thieves are winning.

This book is the perfect accompaniment to a previous Book List selection: Loot by Sharon Waxman