6 Things To Know About The Inuit

by Lindsay Shapka in ,

six things to know about the Inuit

1. The Inuit are the indigenous people that inhabit the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada, the US (aka Alaska), and Eastern Siberia.

2. Inuit is the plural version of Inuk meaning "people" in the Inuktitut language.

3. Archaeologists believe they are descendants of the Thule culture that emerged in the far north after crossing the land bridge from Asia around CE 1000.

4. Almost 75% of their daily caloric intake comes from fat. This is because they eat whales, walrus, caribou, seal, narwhal, polar bears, muskoxen and birds!

5. Traditional modes of transportation include a sealskin qajaq aka kayak, dog sleds and good old-fashioned walking (in mukluks of course!).

6. The Inuit have a strong connection to the natural world, believing that ALL things have souls like humans and that their ancestors can be seen in the aurora borealis aka northern lights.