The Best Subscription Boxes to Give As Gifts For Any Occasion

by Lindsay Shapka in ,

Are you travelling and want to send a unique gift to someone at home? Does your friend live on the other side of the country? Or, are you fed up with paying huge shipping fees? AGiving a monthly subscription box is the perfect solution! Not only is it unique, but who doesn't love getting something other than bills in the mail?! Subscription services can get pretty pricy, but there are a lot of really fantastic, affordable options out there. Here are a few of my favourite subscription boxes for men and women. 

Globe In

Dedicated to supporting artisans from all over the world, many in developing countries, Globe In offers subscriptions that are not only a great gift, but help reduce poverty and give talented artisans a global audience. Subscriptions are themed — cozy, kitchen, laundry — and there is information about where each beautiful product came from and the person who made it. The products come in a handwoven basket from Mexico monthly.
One basket is around $50, a three month subscription is $114, six months is $210, and twelve months is $420. 

Craft Coffee

Recommended by publications like The New York Times, Wired, and Fortune, this subscription service delivers craft coffee to your door just days after it has been roasted. According to the website, the service guarantees that you won't pay more than you would at the grocery store for better coffee, because cutting out the middleman also cuts costs. This is perfect for the busy coffee lover in your life! 
A one month subscription is $29.99, a three month is $74.97, a six month is $149.94, and a twelve month is $299.88.


Headquartered in New York City, this subscription is for anyone who doesn't have the time or money to try the millions of beauty products out there to figure out which ones they like best. Monthly boxes are filled with personalized samples for women and information about each one. BirchboxMan is also available, and brings guys tailored shipments of grooming and lifestyle products.  
Monthly subscriptions are $10/$20 (women/men), a six month subscription for men is $110, and a yearly subscription for women is $110. 

Papiermass Art Subscription

A BuzzFeed and Apartment Therapy recommended subscription, this service delivers original, unique and interesting art right to your door! So far, the husband and wife duo who run Papiermass have collaborated with more than 100 artists. Each month you get one art print, one art card, and one creative card. 
A one month subscription is $14, a three month subscription is $36, and a year costs $96. 

Try The World

Perfect for foodies, or those that love culinary travel adventures, this subscription service brings you a curated selection of gourmet food from a new country every month! You can order the signature box, which also comes with a Culture Guide to help you recreate dishes at home, or the Snack Box that is full of unique and delicious snack food to sample. 
Signature Boxes start at just $39 a month, and Snack Boxes at $19 a month. 


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