The History of Shakespearean Insults

by Lindsay Shapka in ,

If you love Shakespeare, then you may know that April 23 is both his birthday and death day — the perfect day to celebrate and remember his legacy. (This is an especially special day for bookworms, as it is also World Book Day.)

Over the course of two decades, Shakespeare wrote 37 plays that are praised for their ability to showcase the full range of the human experience. The histories, comedies, and tragedies he wrote have been performed around the world and are as relevant today as they were in the Elizabethan era.

In addition to appreciating his literary contributions, Shakespeare enthusiasts understand and enjoy the snarky humor that is embedded in his work. His writing shows the power of language for its ability to make a statement and pack a punch. To celebrate  Shakespeare’s 454th birthday, Invaluable compiled the best insults from some of his most famous works into a Shakespearean insult generator. It includes more than over 70 hilarious quotes from his plays and ones that you can create yourself using his language.

Check out some of his wit in the images below, and click here to generate some Shakespearean insults yourself!