The Best Podcasts To Listen To While Travelling

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Do you have a long flight, six hour road trip, cross-country train adventure, or seemingly never-ending bus ride in your future? Never fear! I have scoured the web and found a list of fabulous podcasts that are sure to keep you entertained! 

1. Codebreaker

According to Tech Insider (which is a co-producer of this fascinating podcast), Codebreaker asks "big questions about technology's impact on our world." For example, the very first season began with the question, "Is It Evil?", and then sets out to answer that question in relation to things like the dark web, internet porn, and more. 

2. My Dad Wrote A Porno

Speaking of porn... Imagine if your dad — your father — wrote a dirty book. How mortified would you be? While, find out what it's like for Jamie Morton whose dad actually wrote a hardcore porn novel. Each episode of this wildly entertaining podcast involves Jamie and his friends reading a chapter of the book and then dissecting it — every awkward pun, painful sex-scene, and inaccurate description of human anatomy. 

3. Monocycle

Recommended by GQ Magazine, this lifestyle podcast is hosted by Leandra Medine (of Man Repeller fame) and covers topics like self-sabotage, "Saturday is A State of Mind," and entertaining anecdotes. It is witty, smart, and honest. 

4. In Our Time

Produced by the BBC, this podcast discusses the history of pretty much everything. It is described by GQ Magazine as being "the best 45-minute seminar you never had in collage," and covers topics like the Mayan Civilization, the history of the Bedlam hospital, and a look at the Dutch East India Company. 

5. Surprisingly Awesome

The title really says it all. The hosts spend each episode of this podcast discussing random and mundane things that are actually pretty cool. Topics covered so far include mattresses, pigeons, and insults (trust me, they are way more interesting then they sound). 

6. Memory Place

These episodes are fairly short (only about 10 minutes each), but take you on an incredibly fascinating journey through some of the most obscure parts of history. Host Nate DiMeo has covered everything from the story of the Brooklyn Bridge to the history of Cello Falls in the US.

7. Criminal

According to Fast Company, if you are a fan of Serial, you will love Criminal. This podcast actually pre-dates Serial and, "covers the gamut of criminal behavior from white-collar fraud to hate crimes to a ring of Venus flytrap thieves."

8. Flash Forward

Host Rose Eveleth poses potential things that could happen in the future that you have probably NEVER thought about, and she has real scientists and professionals weigh in on her bizarre predictions. For example, what would happen if everyone in the world knew exactly when they were going to die? 

9. Myths and Legends

Learn about the cultures you are travelling to with this podcast that explores the myths, stories, and legends that are valued in countries all over the world. Recent episodes have covered Vikings, Latin America folklore, and Pocahontas. 

10. Lore

Like being scared? This one is for you. This podcast looks at the creepiest urban legends, dark tales from history, and things that you've only imagined in nightmares. It also won an iTunes Best of 2015 award last year. 

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