Not A Gambler? Here Are 8 Things To Do In Vegas If You Don’t Like Gambling

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Las Vegas is a magical place. The lights are always sparkling, nothing closes, there are no clocks anywhere, sequins is welcome day or night, free drinks abound, superstars grace multiple stages nightly — anything seems possible. It’s a Disneyland for grownups.

Shows, food, drinking, dancing, sun tanning and gambling — the five main Vegas activities — are what people travel to the city for.

But what if you don’t gamble? Can you still enjoy the Vegas experience? The short answer: ABSOLOUTLY! 

I have never been a gambler, and the idea of spending a trip sitting in a smoky (yup, you can smoke in the casinos in Vegas), over oxygenated room with people losing hundreds of dollars does not appeal to me at all. Plus, I really don’t know how to gamble — I don’t know how to play the odds, not a clue how to play poker, and have zero interest in slot machines. I have been to the city twice, and both times played one or two spins on the roulette table, won some money, cashed out and was done with gambling for the rest of the trip.

Even though every hotel is outfitted with an elaborate casino and everything seems to be directing you to that flashy floor, there are SO many other things to do! Here are the best things to do in Las Vegas.

  1. Eat 
    Vegas has some of the most incredible restaurants in the world. Award-winning chefs have opened everything from affordable pubs to places that royalty could barely afford, and the décor of these spaces is always over-the-top. Foodies are in for a major treat.
  2. Party
    There is always a bar open somewhere, and you will find everything here from the most basic pub to lounges made to look like a giant chandelier! You can even drink outside on the strip (a novelty for North Americans). There are also some amazing clubs that bring in fantastic DJs from all over the world — be a high roller and get a table with bottle service one night or pay your entry fee and see where the night takes you!
  3. Hit the Pool
    Soak up the sun during the day at one of the hotel pools! Also, you don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to use their pool, so you can try something different every day if you want! (Sometimes there is a fee to use the pool, so check the hotel website first just to be sure).
  4. Travel The World
    Go to Paris, stroll the streets of New York, ride a gondola through the canals in Venice, explore Egypt, visit art galleries in Rome — you could spend weeks exploring the themed hotels along the strip.
  5. Check out the Neon Museum
    This is the ultimate graveyard. It is where all of the giant neon signs that are replaced over time go to retire, and it has resulted in an incredible collection of Vegas history that you can visit at night or during the day.
  6. Head to A Show
    Want to spend an evening watching knights jousting? Done. Would you rather see a Cirque du Soleil show in a theatre built specifically for it? No problem. Is the Blue Man Group more up your alley? They’ve got that too. Superstar singers, magicians, burlesque — there are hundreds of shows playing every night and nothing is ever sold out. There is always a concierge somewhere who can get you tickets, and you can easily buy discounted day-of tickets at multiple locations along the strip.
  7. Shop
    Whether you are looking for a designer bag, a deal at an outlet store, or cheesy souvenirs, there is a massive selection of shops from one end of the strip to the other.
  8. Take a Day Trip
    The Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon are both close enough to the city to easily visit in a day. Rent a car and do your own thing, book a tour, or jump on a helicopter for the ultimate bird’s eye view of these incredible attractions.

Just remember the one golden rule: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! 

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