Reads For The Road: The World Without Us by Alan Weisman

by Lindsay Shapka in , , , ,

Written by award-winning journalist Alan Weisman, The World Without Us is a fascinating book that examines all aspects of a simple question:

What would happen to the planet if human beings just disappeared?

Now, Weisman is quick to clarify that this disappearance would not be because of something violent like a natural disaster or nuclear war. No, he is examining what the result would be if all of us just suddenly vanished into thin air. 

What would happen to the land, the cities, the ocean, the climate, our garbage, our art? How long — if ever — would it take for all human traces to disappear? 

Weisman’s does a great job of approaching these questions from all angles and taking readers through his journey of discovery and research.  

The New York Times Book Review called it “A fascinating eco-thriller…” and I couldn’t agree more — I couldn't put it down or stop talking about it with my friends and family (sorry guys).