10 (Mostly False) Things You Didn't Know About Canada

by Lindsay Shapka in ,

  1. In Canada, the tuque (a winter/all-year hat that is usually made of cotton, wool, or a beaver pelt) is the number-one-selling article of clothing — more popular than underwear, t-shirts or jeans. (And that's not including the ones that are handmade by your grandma or your crafty friends.) 
  2. Almost 80% of Canadians just mouth the words during the French part of the national anthem. 
  3. Canada is the leading country in the world for holding the door open for ladies.
  4. The average Canadian weighs 0.7 Americans (sorry American readers!)
  5. The average Canadian says sorry over 45,000 times a day.
  6. At 9,970,610 square kilometres, Canada is one of the largest countries in the world (yes, it is larger than the United States of America). 
  7. Four out of five Canadians spend seven hours a day commenting on the weather.
  8. Canada has 27% more snow blowers than all other nations on earth combined.
  9. Hockey was invented to prove to other countries that we not only understand why water freezes, but we can also do something neat with it — 95% of Canadians play hockey (the other 5% don't have legs). 
  10. The most popular drinking sports in Canada are: curling, darts, fantasy hockey, lawn mowing, soccer momming, and accidental tobogganing.

For more completely false (yet highly entertaining) facts about Canada, check out the book Stats Canada: Satire On A National Scale compiled by the experts behind @stats_canada

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