How To Eat Like A Local On Your Next Trip

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What you eat when you travel can often make or break your trip. If you make a wrong food choice, you risk missing out on the authentic version of a cultural delicacy, spending too much money, or (worst of all) becoming deathly ill. 

What's the best way to experience all the culinary delights that a culture has to offer? 

Eat like a local!

Don’t Be Afraid of Street Food! 

Some of the most mouth-watering flavours that I’ve tasted have come from food purchased from street vendors.

They key is to pick the right vendor.

Pay attention to where locals seem to be lining up, and I will guarantee that the food will be safe and fresh. Steer clear of the stalls that don’t seem to get much traffic, the food there may have been sitting out for too long.

Eating this way is also cheap and fast, which means it won’t cut into your touring time or your budget. 

If The Menu is In English, Walk Away

If you are in a country where English is not the first language, a translated menu usually means that you are about to encounter inflated prices and generic food. Stay away. 

Shop For Food At A Local Market or Grocery Store

Load a bag full of local delicacies, for a fraction of the price you would pay in a restaurant, and then find a park to people watch in while you eat! 

When In Doubt, Ask A Local

Ask the people that work at your hostel or hotel where they like to eat. Instead of giving you tourist friendly options, they will usually direct you somewhere more authentic. 

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