Travel Trends: Book A Layover Instead of Trying to Avoid One

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Avoiding long travel layovers and international stopovers when travelling long distances by air used to be the goal when it came to booking tickets. But, thanks to some outstanding recent campaigns by airlines like Icelandair (I know that I can't go a day without seeing gorgeous photos of Iceland's blue lagoon popping into my newsfeed), a long layover is not only something not to avoid, but an air travel trend that is now being sought out — it's two vacations in one! And, multiple airlines are getting on board. 

The most well known stopover deal, Icelandair's long layover is ideal for those traveling between North America and Europe. You can stopover in the country for multiple nights with no additional fee, and they will even arrange accommodation and tours for you (for an additional charge) if you wish as well! 

You can pre-book a stopover in Dubai with Emirates, but will need the help of a travel rep (see the info on their website), as they will have to apply for your no-fee visa. This stopover does come with an additional charge, but it can be as low as around $60. 

Singapore Airlines
This airline offers a multi-destination booking option that allows for a long layover in Singapore with no additional charge. For a small fee you can pre-book transfers and a hotel room with your flight so the stopover is as easy as possible! 

Thai Airways
This airline offers free travel stopovers in Bangkok(see my post on 22 Things to Love About Thailand if you are wondering what to do in Thailand!), a perk that is advertised to Aussies travelling to Asia or Europe and back. The airline also runs regular promotions for a free night's stay during your stopover as well.

With this discount airline in Portugal you can book a layover in the country for up to three nights for no extra charge! They also have a comprehensive website to support this campaign that includes ideas on what to do during your layover, an app, and hotel deals. 

Air Canada
If you are travelling to Europe or Asia from the United States, you can take advantage of Air Canada's Toronto Stopover Program that allows you to spend up to seven days on an long layover in the city for no extra charge. 

Qatar Airways
Well not an overnight stopover, Qatar Airways will give you a free tour of four major landmarks in Doha, including the stunning Museum of Islamic Art, if you have a long layover. 

I don't know about you, but these layover options are definitely going to have me rethinking the way I book my travel in the future. I can't imagine anything better than breaking up a long travel day with a new culture and a bonus adventure! 

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